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I have more than 29 years experience writing and editing public relations, marketing, news and travel copy for internal and external publications, trade magazines and newspapers. I have been a free-lance writer for nearly 19 years, producing short and long features on topics ranging from high-end, picture-frame makers and trends in the Yellow Pages industry to Harley-riding corporate officers and a telephone services sales rep who sang the Chinese national anthem in Mandarin to the mayor of Beijing.

I understand deadlines and adhere to them, and I am able to work independently with minimal supervision. As an editor, I know decisions about copy often are made at the last minute, depending on available space and evolving priorities, and that sometimes copy has to be severely edited to fit a copy hole.

I was trained as a journalist at the University of Missouri School of Journalism in Columbia, MO, where I earned a bachelor's of journalism degree with an emphasis in news-editorial. My subsequent experience working for corporate and agency clients has provided me with a wide understanding of trade, marketing and public relations writing and has given me an ability to target my work at specific audiences.

I work in MS Word and am proficient or familiar with MS Pub, WordPerfect, Dreamweaver, Photoshop and QuarkXPress. I also can use a digital camera, am capable of transmitting digital images, or can shoot 35mm slide or film when required.

If you need a freelance writer or editor, on a temporary or ongoing basis, please call me to find out if I can help you keep your publications on schedule. There's no need to let projects back up on your desk when I can help you complete them. And the best part for you is that when you no longer need me, I'm out of your way.

Please take a look at my resume and, if you're interested in more detail, click on one of the topic areas to the left to find out more about my specific experience and past projects.








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